The Protector

On 26 March 2014, in Gânduri, by Huskey


It’s late night and I cannot sleep. I am scared, but not because of the darkness of the full moon that bathes the atmosphere in a mysterious aura of black light. I am afraid I can not scream at the moon like a mad werewolf that scares even the most feared vampire, I have a fear that the savage in me might flare up just when the damage would be the highest. I want to break free!

And yet here I am trapped in chains and held still by the shackles of my feelings. She managed to tame the beast, to cuddle him up at her warm chest, and to give the beast what he wanted for such a long time but didn’t know how to ask. The werewolf is dead. What’s left of him is only that wild lone wolf, perhaps the best canine out there, but nevertheless betrayed by his own fate. He is… what he is, by definition: a scary werewolf looking Pandora’s box, yet full of emotions. She tamed him. Beauty and the Beast. She got the best out of him, the warmest, the brightest, and he tries to give her the shoulder to shed a tear on, the arms to keep her warm, the chest to keep her safe. The Protector. That’s how it should have been. That’s how it was nice to be.

But life often has its share of surprises. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant. And yet someone up there knows how to arrange it all and, with a little faith, you can even get over the most difficult obstacle in life. Someone protects you. You must only have a little faith in him and he will give you everything you need to feel safe, to not be alone, to have support when it’ll be harder for you, to catch you in his arms when you’ll fall and get you up there where you belong. Is there anything more enjoyable than to sleep at night in the protective arms of your loved one? To wake up in the morning and see his gentle and warm eyes watching over you? A sweet kiss on the forehead like a touch of rose petals is a feeling that makes even the most realistic man to dream of something wonderful. To dream of Love.

I saw you then for the second time and your cheeks were hot. Could it have been the weather or the emotions? I’m not sure, but I do know that it was a good feeling to touch you, to sense the warmth of your heart in your eyes, to see the perfection in you. Yes! I’m not exaggerating, love can do wonders, it can push you to do the craziest things, it can bring you to distant horizons, it can make you feel ecstatic. Nothing can stand in your way, your heart throbbing in your chest exceeding any limit of rate, of feelings, of emotions, of the soul. I know how I feel and I am sure of it, even if at first I seemed to be a little confused. I’ve never been like this before. But now I know for sure: te iubesc, I love you, te quero, je t’aime, știu.

Not all good things come to an end, but each time it depends only on us. It’s nice to love and it is the only thing I have in mind. I love you and you’re the only one in my heart. And should you ever leave, I will stay and wait for you and I’m glad you gave me great moments in life. Even though few, yet memorable. And should you come back, I will be the happiest man on earth. I will be your dog – your best friend, I will be your tamed werewolf – The Protector.


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